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Our world is moving fast and we constantly look forward. In the mean time, our attention is pulled almost every moment of the day to new things : the last version of your favorite's phone brand, a new sitcom, a new way of acting... This makes challenging the simple fact to adopt an habit, or to keep a computer that is a little bit obsolete but still working well.


It is still possible to train and get conscious of what we have. In fact, we can get conscious of everything we already have :

  • Our physical surrounding
  • The pleasure to be with our colleagues, friends, family
  • The use of our current tools to accomplish great work
  • The simple fact of beeing there and breathe.

Like many new habits, the best is to begin through small steps.

  1. Once a day, get a moment when you just observe with focus and in detail. No need to influence what is happening or to clean that desk or computer, or to move the page of that book, just observe it. What is its texture ? How is the color ? Does it feel warm, cold ? Is it pleasant to touch ? Keep this first step a specific and regular moment in the day, for example every morning during your breakfast, or while beginning to work.
  2. Keep this habit, and improve one small step after another. The important part in every progress is to keep it running, not to make one big effort and stop everything.
  3. Feel gratitude. Each success is an opportunity to show gratitude to yourself. Your efforts are improving your life and your self-confidence, which has to be kept in mind.
  4. Multiply the consciousness. Make this conscious minute happen many times through your days at work or at home. You will then appreciate the true essence of each moment.

Using such a method will take some time. However, you will be rewarded by a more positive attitude toward the event, and a decreasing need to change stuff or other people when things seems to be going the wrong way. Consciousness of the present is also a great approach to mindfulness meditation, and will bring some zen in your everyday life.

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